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  3 H Dowsing International :: E-Books :: Nature Communication (e-book)

Nature Communication (e-book)  
Nature Communication (e-book) 

Nature Communication
An Expansion of the Inner Art of Dowsing

Written by Anneliese and Doris Hagemann

Humans are not the only beings existing in this physical realm. Other beings, animals, plants, the earth itself is a functioning living being. People need to remember that we are not just separate. We are a part of this world, interconnected, sharing energy and existence. Many people find strong connections with animals such as pets or plants they nurture for decades in their homes. There is a sharing of space and light occurring between each of them daily and continuously. This booklet came about because many people are questioning their ability to communicate with their pets/nature. Many have felt a strong connection and knew there was more to the connection. They desired to better understand how to work with their pets (nature/ plants etc... ), to hear, if they could, what their pets nature is/was saying to them. Through this booklet we attempt to give you guidelines and ideas as to how to work with the divinity of nature within your lives. We can no longer pretend it is meaningless. All exists in the oneness and is equal in that Oneness.
Table Of Contents Page # 1. Nature Communication
Page # 2. H Dowsing International
Page # 3. Table of Contens
Page # 4. All Things Bright and Beautiful
Page # 5. Nature Communication Vibrational Interpretation
Page # 6. Nature Communication with the Inner Art of Dowsing
Page # 7. Introduction
Page # 8. As We Walk Our Path Of Enlightenment
Page # 9. What is Dowsing / Divining?
Page # 10. Why Do We Desire To Dowse / Divine?
Page # 11. Dowsing / Divining Tools
Page # 12. The Pendulum
Page # 13. Guidelines For Inner Art Of Dowsing / Divining
Page # 14. Energy Vibrational Chart
Page # 15. How to use the Vibrational Chart
Page # 16. Ideas and Questions with Permission
Page # 17. More Questions
Page # 18. More Questions
Page # 19. More Questions
Page # 20. More Questions
Page # 21. Identify the Issue or Imbalance
Page # 22. How is the Issue manifested on/in/around the Body
Page # 23. Death Natural, accidental, inertia
Page # 24. Nutritional Approaches To Daily Living for self / others
Page # 25. Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes
Page # 26. Emotional Gauge for Health Happiness Harmony Dowsing
Page # 27. Negative Emotional Vibrational Influences
Page # 28. Negative Emotional Vibrational Influences
Page # 29. Negative Emotional Vibrational Influences
Page # 29. Pasitive Words, Statements and Feelings
Page # 30. Pasitive Words, Statements and Feelings
Page # 31. Pasitive Words, Statements and Feelings
Page # 32. References
Page # 33. Books, Charts, Pendulums, Sessions, Classes
Page # 34. Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann: Who is she?

Nature Communications ISBN 1-932229-15-9

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