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2. To Our Health e-book (English)
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4. Dowsing Divining (e-book)
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  3 H Dowsing International :: E-Books :: Dowsing Divining (e-book)

Dowsing Divining (e-book)  
Dowsing Divining (e-book) 
Dowsing Divining: The Golden Key to Tapping Energies is, is a wonderfully written introduction to developing the intuition for daily life.

  • Dowsing for: vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs.....
  • Finding out: what foods to eat, or not to eat, in order to receive the correct amount of energy for survival.
  • Keeping the immune system: balanced on a daily basis, in order to deal with any kind of bacteria or airborne or other Dis-Ease.
  • Dowsing for: oil, water, silver, gold, and other minerals; missing persons or animals; lost objects; underground cables; archeological sites; agriculture; buying clothing, an automobile, a home, equipment; where to live and when actually to move; workplace, career, relationship; buying, renting, or leasing, and more...
  • Dowsing for: problems or issues that might affect you on all levels of your being. An issue could relate to something in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or soul level of your being. It may include or relate to something like education, family, finance, relationships, sexual issues, social issues, or other areas in your life.

Special thanks to Dale Olson: Portions of this book description excerpted from
20 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
Plus tax and shipping.

SKU EB-DowsingDivining
Price: $5.95

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