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  1. Wood Pendulum Necklaces



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  3 H Dowsing International :: Pendulums :: Wood Pendulum Necklaces

Wood Pendulum Necklaces  
Wood Pendulum Necklaces 
APPLE Love, Passion, Health Energy, Rebirth, Enlightenment, Centeredness
Chakra --- Third Eye
BIRCH Vehicle to Balance, Love, Vision, Clearing, Inspiration, Protection against Psychic Attack, Balance
Chakra --- Throat
BAMBOO Renewal, Longevity, Strengths, Prosperity, Willingness, Positive Thinking, Relationship
Chakra --- Solar Plexus
CEDAR Renewal, Longevity, Strengths, Prosperity, Willingness, Positive Thinking, Relationship
Chakra --- Heart
CHERRY Balances, Senses, Assurances, Clearing, Self Healing, Peacefulness, Protection against other Forces
Chakra --- Third Eye
DRIFTWOOD Associated with Mystic Vision, Knowing the Future, All Psychic Abilities, also bestows intuition, emotional expression, communication, Compassion, Dowsing, Centeredness, Love, Healing and Protection, Confidence
Chakra --- Third Eye
HICKORY Divine Embodiment, Speaking the Truth, Living in the Now
Chakra --- Crown, Heart, Third Eye
IRON WOOD Inner Strenght, Prosperity, Transform Negative Thoughts into Enlightenment
Chakra --- Crown, Throat, Sex
MAHOGANY Protection, Healing, Perspective
Chakra --- Solar Plexus
MAPLE Sensitivity, Luck, Divine, Forgiveness, Oneness, Faith, Anointing, Attraction
Chakra --- Heart
OAK Clearing, Hopefulness, Luck, Spiritual Success, Strong Conductor of Energy, Sacred to the Goddess and Fairies, Many People wear it for Protection against outside Forces
Chakra --- Crown
OLEANDER, Arizona Go "Within" where all the answers are. "Your Inner Knowing, Your Intuition, Your Inner Truth". Move West My Child is the Message


Energy of Power, Comfort
Chakra --- Solar Plexus
PINE, FIR Inner Peace, Meditation, Interest, Arrangement, Centering, Yielding
Chakra --- Third Eye
POPLAR Life, Many People wear it for Protection, Abundance, Prayer, Forgiveness
Chakra --- Solar Plexus
PURPLE HEART Spiritual Phenomena, Virtue, Record Keeper, Money
Chakra --- Heart
ROSEWOOD (Bolivian) Balance, Determination, Freedom, Jubilant
Chakra --- Crown
ROSEWOOD (Honduras) Bravery, Doctrine, Guarding, Joy, Love
Chakra --- Third Eye
SHELL Beauty, Divinity, Enlighten
Chakra --- Solar Plexus
SAGUARO, Native to AZ and NM I am The Giant Cactus.
I have Strength, Stamina and Live in "Oneness with All Creation"
Chakra ---All
WALNUT Justice to All, Trust, I am Life, Spiritual, Creative, Grounding, Agreeable, Reliable
Chakra --- Crown

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